Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates and Stuff

Goodness, where do I begin? It has been too long in between posts, do I still have followers out there?

Let me start by saying.......YAY to the good weather that has been upon us! I personally, am delighted! Whoot.......Whoot to Summer!

I don't really have a ton to update on, mostly just stuff. We have had some fun family gatherings for Easter, we spent Easter Sunday in Brookfield with Steve's family, we had Mallory and Derek, it was nice to spend the day with them. My family celebrates Greek Orthodox Easter, which fell on the Sunday after Easter this year. Greek Easter in our family is the holiday that I think we all look most forward too. The food is wonderful, and I think most everyone in the family has their "nitch", mine is my baklava. It is always a hit, which makes me happy, its a lot of work. We brought Mallory with us this year, and she had a great time playing with my cousins, my family really enjoys her and she enjoys coming as well! I guess if I look at the big picture, she is the closest thing to a Grandchild that I will be giving my Mom, so I am happy that Mal is so welcome to our events!

Some good news to report, after 6 months without a paycheck, and daily battles with Steve's former company, we have FINALLY received payment for the services that he provided, while "not" under contract. It is a refreshing feeling to be able to get back on our feet and catch up on some bills. So.........Cheers to that!!

Steve and I on a whim last week decided that it would be fun to go to a Red Sox game, naturally, right! Who wouldn't want to do that, so I took it upon myself and went onto eBay, I found great tickets for Sunday Nights game against the Yankees! We had such an awesome time! We spent the day at Fanueil Hall and had lunch, and headed to the game that night! So much fun! With all of the financial stress these days, we decided we needed to have a bit of fun!

Not much else to report, as I mentioned above, and I think you can all agree, we are ready for summer! Memorial Day isn't too far away, and we look forward to the kick of camp season!

Steve and I leave for Florida to visit with the Martin, and enjoy some alone time at the beach in Clearwater, the 7th. We will return the 15th! I will be sure to fill my blogging community in on our vacation happenings when we return!

Enjoy this weather!

Love to All!