Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A really cool Giveaway to benefit Little Kayleigh Freeman!

Good Morning Everyone! I wanted to share with you all this really cool thing that is happening over on Kayleigh Freemans website, another blogger has put together a fund raiser to help the Freeman's out. I have shared a little bit of their story with you, and as Kayleigh continues to make amazing strides, and gets closer to coming home, there are more things to think about. Her parents are struggling Real Estate agents, obviously with this economy, and the constant time spent with Kayleigh, they have hit rock bottom financially. A date has been set for foreclosure on their home, and they need help, Kayleigh needs a house to come home too when she is ready to leave the hospital.

For a little history, check out Kayleighs Blog by clicking on the "Pray for Kayleigh" button on the left of the screen.

Also, here is the link to my post regarding Kayleigh, "Kayleigh Ann Freeman"

I have made my donation, anything helps. At the very least, go check it out, there are some amazing giveaways. (A week in SC, that's pretty darn cool)


If you do decide to make a small donation, please be sure to put my name in the notes section, there is a special prize for the person with the most referrals too!

I have made a few small donations in the past, and they are the most appreciative family, I have always been thanked with a personal email from them, I think that is pretty impressive! It's a really "feel good" thing to do!

Thank You!
Love to All!

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