Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi Everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! I guess I am just posting with your basic updates today. Since I started blogging because I thought it would be a good way to get things that are on my mind, out there, today I am going to vent and get somethings off my chest.

First and foremost, this week brings back some interesting emotions. It was a year ago today that Steve and the kids were packing up to head to the condo at Bretton Woods for the week. My Dad, Denise and Alex were in Florida, and I was preparing for a couple of days on my own, with plans to head to the condo on Wednesday that week. I had been suffering with some leg pain for a couple of months, but was under the impression that it was a pulled muscle and would get better. As the week progressed, the pain became increasingly worse, so I decided that I would go to the ER and get it taken care of before I head up North. Well, that's when my plans really took a turn. As it turned out, I had a significant Blood Clot (DVT) along with a Pulmonary Embolism (Clots in my Lungs). With everyone away, and dealing with this on my own, I was more than a little scared. My Mom is just about an hour away, and of course was there as soon as she could be. I was admitted, for the first time ever. As you know, everything turned out OK, but it left a mark that sometimes I am not sure that I will ever be able to erase. Since then, I have suffered from anxiety, but mostly anxiety about being alone. Steve travels quite a bit for his job, and I have managed to be OK with that, but for some reason, this vacation week has me pretty nervous. I will get through it, keep myself busy and try not to think about it. But it's hard to do that.

Anyway, on top of all that, my Washer AND Dryer busted yesterday! I swear, I can not even begin to imagine going to the laundromat, and seriously, buying a new Washer/Dryer, was not something I planned for! UGH!

When we got home yesterday, I was in the driveway, walking by my car and I could hear a "hissing" noise. And dontcha know it, I had a leak in my tire, once again..........something I didn't need or plan for.

Steve and I had a really nice weekend though, which I needed. Obviously, with the anticipation of this coming week, I needed a decent weekend! Mission accomplished!

I hate to use this blog as a way to complain, but today I had too!

Have a Good Week!

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