Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again!

Time where you think about your Christmas Cards...........mine are always a bit complicated, really never an easy thing, something I think about over the courses of the year. Here is why, I started a tradition with my cards many years ago with my cats, I believe it is something that friends and family look forward receiving..........."How will Kris torture her animals this year?"

I have a problem, I am stumped, I am out of ideas. I am afraid that I am going to fail at my Christmas Card duty this year...........

Here are a few samples of what I have done in years past..........

We had "Musky & Phil Clause"
(Definitely not one of "their" favorites)

We had Luau Cats...........Happy Holidays from our Bungalow to yours!
(A good time was had by all on this one, who doesn't love a Luau)

We had really handsome Argyle Sweater Cats
(Maybe "Reincats")

So there is my challenge, what now? I know the cats are wondering what I am going to do to them next, this is the time of year that they bolt into the other room when they see me coming. I always liked dress up, what's their problem.......looks fun to me!


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