Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lots accomplished this weekend!

So we got a ton accomplished this weekend with the move. I would say majority of the boxes are packed and moved over to the new place. Our new "Landlady" has been nice enough to let us move some of our stuff over slowly, which helps out a ton. Most of what we have left is the big stuff, beds couches, tables.....all that good stuff. It feels good to have completed such a big portion of the move this weekend. More than likely most of the items will be completely moved in by Friday, and we will be able to take next weekend to start unpacking and get settled. YAY!

Even with all of our packing and moving this weekend, we still managed to find some time for some fun too, On Friday Night Alex came over and we played Scrabble (Which by the way, I am the queen and can not be beat), we had so much fun that night, that she came back on Saturday and we played Clue, but not without incendent, I am not so sure that we played by the rules, since on most games, Mallory has her own rules, for the most part we took her word for it, and played by her rules, a little tricky, but I still WON! For those of you who don't know, I love competition, and love to win!

We have a busy week ahead, all good things though. Steve's son Derek is turning 18 on Tuesday, very exciting for him, one of my best girlfrieds, Gretchen has a Birthday that same day, we have Thanksgiving on Thursday, which we are looking forward too. We are spending the Holiday with my Mom's family this year, which is really exciting, since we don't see that side of the family a ton. So I am looking forward to that. We will do the bulk of the final part of our move on Friday, get settled through the weekend, with another Birthday for one of our favorite little girls, Courtney, who is turning 4 this weekend. So lots to do, but like I said, all good stuff. I am looking forward to a quiet week the following week though to get settled in to the new place. Steve is traveling for the week, so I will stay busy unpacking and decorating.

That's all I've got for now, onto a nice short work week!


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charlene said...

Hi kristine
I love blogs! I am glad things are going well! Good luck with the rest of your move. I can't wait to see you at christmas along with the rest of the girls. This is a great way to stay in touch! I should start a blog I might be able to interst some.

Love Cha......