Friday, November 21, 2008

New to this "Blogging Thing"......

So, I have a new found interest in blogging, I guess I never realized the extent of blogging and sharing your personal experiences with family, friends and even strangers. Something about being able to write it all down, and have someone show an interest in what is on our minds is intriguing to me. I have found that the blogs that I follow frequently, have become something I look forward to checking in on, I am interested in updates, and it is often times how I start my day, by checking in on those that I may not know personally, but have somehow become a part of my life. Anyhow, that is why I am here.

Currently, we have some pretty cool things happening in our life, which is a great thing, since this has not been one of our better years, that's for sure. I needed something good to happen, so even though it may not seem major to all of you, to us it is exciting. We are moving into a new apartment:

Here is why it is great.......

1. We are back in Exeter, which is exciting for lots of reasons. That is where we spend a lot of our time socially, and the apartment is in a great location to walk to lots of great shops, and restaurants.

2. The apartment is really great! It is in the processes of getting renovated, so new kitchen, new floors, new paint.......all that good stuff. And stuff that I'm not used too, never having been a home owner, I have always just dealt with what comes with renting. So we are excited to have new, pretty stuff.

3. Our landlord is wonderful, she is an acquaintance of ours, and super nice. Good Landlords are always a good thing, if you have to rent!

4. Steve is in sales, and travels quite a bit. He has always had an office outside of the house, since we haven't had a large enough place for him to have one, so good news........he is moving his office home, which of course, saves us some money, and it will be great for him to be able to be home and work when he needs too.

5. There are 3 bedrooms, plus the office. So lots of space, and this is even more exciting, especially for Steve's daughter Mallory, she will have her own room, one she can decorate, a place of her own. She is 9, and needs her own space, very exciting for her. And I am excited to decorate a little girls room too!!

Here is why it is a little sad too:

1. Currently, we live in the apartment next door to my Dad, My Step-Mom and my Sister Alex, who is 15. Needless to say, I am pretty close with my family, it is nice having them next door when Steve travels, and I am home alone. We spend a lot of time with them socially, so we will miss that.

2. Mallory is very close with Alex as well, she looks forward to seeing her on her weekends and nights with us. She is itching to get over there as soon as she wakes up in the morning. We spend a ton of time with Alex when we have Mallory, and we hope that doesn't change. For the record, Mallory's bedroom has a bed for Alex too.

3. The house I live in, is the house I grew up in, it is old and has great character, and lots of memories. But, we have out grown it. And it is time for Mallory to have a bedroom, and maybe time for me to "cut the cord", so to speak.

4. The town of Newfields, is a great, small, quaint little town. The town where everyone knows everyone, and families that grow up there, rarely leave! It seems that if you were a kid catching the bus in Newfields, at some point, you will be walking your own children to catch the bus in Newfields. Things rarely change in that town. And it will be sad not to be a part of it.

For all of these "sad" reasons, there is a good reason to be excited about our new "adventure".

So, I guess for my first post, I covered what I have happening currently. Though there is lots more I could talk about, I'll save it for my future posts.

I look forward to being a part of the blogging community!

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