Tuesday, January 27, 2009

These are my thoughts...................

So as everyone knows, with this economy, it is no surprise that Steve was laid off from his job. What comes with being laid off, for most sales guys, comes losing a company vehicle. That could possibly hurt more than losing the job........maybe not, but it's a close second. Losing the car was bad, but the fact that they paid for ALL of the gas, and insurance..........it really SUCKS! This brings me to my next point, we are now a one car household, and it's getting old. Steve and I are on the hunt for another vehicle. What to do? Well, we have had lots of thoughts on this. Do we buy him a "$500.00 beater" just to get him by? Do we buy something that is more expensive, but definitely more dependable? He does travel, so we need to know that he isn't going to be stranded on the NY Expressway somewhere.

Here are my thoughts, and I think he is starting to warm up to the idea. My car is an SUV, practical, this has been an excellent vehicle for me. I do not want to trade it, mostly because I owe way more than I would ever receive in trade. But in all reality, its a good car. So we have that, why not get something FUN! I found this really great Saab Convertible online, the payments are a bit higher than we would like, but..........we WERE looking at another SUV for him, which would be another gas guzzler, and we would end up spending more anyway. I am talking myself right into this....................

I say.............If you have covered all of the "practical vehicle" bases, why not have your new addition be fun? Give me one good reason!

Love to All!

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