Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fish Pond Mishap #2

So you all know about our fish pond in the back yard, and you also know about mishap #1, overflowing the pond. We have successfully had mishap #2.

Steve's Cousin Jimmy came down for a visit, he arrived Tuesday Night, we had a yummy dinner, along with a lot of yummy wine! Needless to say, on Wednesday, we were tired. As Steve, Jimmy and I lounged on the couch for the afternoon, Mallory, and Jim's girls, Sidney(9) and Hayley (12), went outside to "Check the fish Pond". No problem right, Hayley is a pretty responsible girl, we trust that at the very least, they will play outside in the snow for a bit, and maybe take a "look" at the pond, right?? Wrong? Within, oh, 5 minutes, Sidney ran into the house and yelled "MALLORY FELL INTO THE FISH POND"..........................Naturally, dumb founded, speechless, we all look at each other, "What the.........????" It wasn't long before a hysterical, sobbing, freezing cold, wet, little girl ran through the door. I know what you are thinking, this could have been pretty bad and dangerous, right? Well, I guess, but something good had to come out of this, we have now found that the fish pond is only waist deep to Mal, she is a strong swimmer, and we really didn't freak out. In fact, Mallory, after many tears, joked that if the water was warmer, she would have swam in it for a little bit. She said, exact words, "I am a fish you know, so why not be with my relatives". We call Mal a fish at least 100 times during the summer at camp, perhaps we have confused her.

Anyway, lesson number two regarding the new fish pond..................try not to fall in!

Happy New Year!

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