Friday, February 6, 2009

9 Lives?? Try 8!!

It's Friday, February 6th, I am home with the worst flu, I have been battling it all week. I am in bed, I am "facebooking" naturally, Steve is doing some work in his office. Pretty quiet, both cats are on the bed. Steve has opened the top part of the window in his office, see picture below:

As you can see, there is no screen on the top part of this window, pretty much, nothing but nice cool air. Feels good to humans..........feels better to cats. My cats are indoor cats, if they have ever been out, it is because they have made a great escape at one point or another, but these excursions are never long ones, I notice they are gone pretty quickly. Anyway, it wasn't long before I realized that I was alone in my room, I no longer had the company of two cats, not uncommon, they probably went down for a nibble or something. I didn't think much of it. One thing I know about my cat, Phil, is that he LOVES fresh air, he will sit in any window that is available to him. Well today, he got a little more than he bargained for when he noticed the open window. There is no ledge for him to sit on, there is no screen for him to lean on, just air!

At one point, Steve goes to the window and looks out and sees a Black Cat walking in the road, he doesn't think much of it and heads down stairs, he looks out the window at the bottom of the stairs, and yells up to me "Have you seen Phil lately", I said "He was up here a little while ago, but he isn't now"...........Well, Phil was outside, once Steve was able to get him in, everything started to come together. Neither of us had been out of the house, the door had not been opened for him to sneak out of, it all became very clear....................Holy S#%&..............did he?? No way?? How else?? Seriously, no way!! As we approached the open window, and look directly below it, this is what we saw:

When we went outside to get a closer look, this is what we saw:

Phil must have tried to jump up onto the window, that had no ledge, no screen, nothing for him to rest himself on, he clearly over shot his landing, and found himself 3 stories lower in an instant. Thank God for deep snow, and that cats always land on their feet! Phil is a big cat, he weight approx. 18 lbs., I'm sure it wasn't a smooth landing, but it was a landing.

In the end, we are just glad he is OK.

Love to All,

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