Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I feel like I should have a ton to talk about with the Holiday and all, I'll start by saying we had a wonderful Christmas, it was nice to have some extra time off. Our Holiday happenings started on Wednesday night, Christmas Eve. That is the night my Moms side of the family celebrates. It is the one Holiday where everyone is together, Christmas Eve has been a tradition in our family forever. We have a pretty large family, so rather than buy for each and every person, we do a Yankee Swap. For the most part, the gifts are all pretty great. This year I was really excited, I walked away with a Sonic Care toothbrush. I know it doesn't seem overly exciting to you, but I have wanted one of those for ages. My wish came true!

Onto Christmas Day, we spent the day in Brookfield with Steve's family. Another great day, where everyone is together at the same time. With large families, it is hard to make that happen. So we look forward to Christmas for that reason. Our day usually consists of lots of running around, trying to make it places by a certain time, I'm sure you all know the drill. This year was different, we didn't feel as though we were under any major time restraints. We had a fairly relaxing day, had dinner with Steve's family, and then headed to Newfields for a visit with my family that evening. We had decided this year that rather than try to get my Brother, Mary and Faye to Newfields Christmas Day, we would set aside another day to celebrate with them.

We swapped gifts and enjoyed a meal with them on Saturday, another really fun day! Faye was a riot, she is getting so big, and really beginning to show her personality.

I will say that I was a slacker when it came to picture taking, but I did manage to take a few of Faye on Saturday.
Not many people are allowed to lounge in Grampa Paul's chair, but she may be the exception.

This is the sweater I bought her for Christmas, I loved it, though judging by her expression, Did She???

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday as well! Next up........New Years, we will be spending that at Tom and Heather's with a large group of friends. Jeff and Kerrie are in town, so it will be nice to ring in the New Year with them as well. Worry not though, we are spending the night, I am not a big fan of being on the roads, drinking or not, on New Years.

Have a Great Rest of the week!

Love to All!

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hmd426 said...

Your niece is absolutely adorable!! And for the record, that sweater ROCKS!!!!