Monday, December 8, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Well, we had our first gathering this past weekend. The Annual Christmas Parade was in Exeter on Saturday, so we invited some friends and their families over, we are walking distance to downtown, so it worked out really well. Those that wanted to go to the parade walked over, and those that didn't, myself included, stayed back at the house and "watched the snacks". We had a really great time, the kids were great and played hard in Mal's new room. We were joined by, The Smith's, The Dixon's, The Healy's, The Gilbert's, Donna, Karen, Phyliss and Heidi.

On Sunday, we decided that it was time to get the tree, so Steve and Mallory went and picked out a beautiful tree, and Mal decorated it that afternoon. We also went to Little Critter's, one of our favorite stores, well Mal and I love it, Steve...........not so much. But he was a trooper, we went and picked out 3 goldfish, Mal picked out two Orange and White ones for her room, and I got a chubby Orange one for the kitchen, he is pretty big for our little one gallon tank, maybe he needs an upgrade to a 2 gallon tank..........he looks pretty cramped in there.

Speaking of fish, our new yard has a small Coy pond, there are about 20 big orange fish in there, and a dozen or so frogs. This is one of Mal's favorite things about this place. So on Saturday when she made her daily visit to the pond, in here pajama's and slippers, the water was REALLY low. The normal depth is about 4 feet, I would say the pond lost a little more than half of its water. It seemed that the pump was pumping the water out, but not back in, though we couldn't find any reason why this would be the case, the hose was going back into the pond. Anyway, we had to take action, before these fish were frozen. Granted they stay in all winter, the ice is broken everyday, to relieve gas pressure or something, but the stay there all winter. Steve and Mallory were outside assessing the situation (I was watching from the window upstairs, and giving direction every so often). We were just going to refill it with the hose, so they turned on the water, put in the hose, and came back upstairs, naturally, it's going to take some time for this thing to refill, right? We did our thing for a little bit, ya know, breakfast, a game of Sorry, they went to pick up the this time, I thought for sure Steve would have thought to check the pond, maybe before leaving to get the tree..............I was wrong, I guess I should have asked the question. We have a VERY FULL pond, surrounded by an ice skating rink on the lawn now, needless to say, it didn't take as long to fill as we had thought. Whoopsies.............lesson number one on taking care of the mini fish pond...........Monitor water level when refilling pond.

Another successful weekend in the Wilber/Peckham household.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

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