Sunday, December 21, 2008

How unbelievably cool is this........

......I checked Kayleighs blog this morning, and she is continuing to make improvements. Honestly, I am so happy for The Freemans to be able to report such great news! Less than a week ago, the news was not so good, it was a waiting game. And this miracle baby has surprised us all again, she continues to fight, and is making unbelievable strides! Such a wonderful thing to hear today!

We had lots of fun stuff happening this past weekend! Friday Night we celebrated Kerrie's 40th Birthday with her and her family, we were happy to see the Martins, they are home for Christmas, so we will all be looking forward to spending lots of time with them before they go home on the 5th! Here is a picture from the party!

On Saturday Night we had my company Christmas Party, we had such a great time. It's always nice to spend time with your co-workers away from the office too. We had a lot of fun, today I am thinking maybe too much fun!

I hope everyone is home safe and sound, during the snow storm here in New England today! UGH....that's two BIG storms in 2 days!


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