Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Jobs and Why I think "Things Happen for a Reason"

Year after year I have commuted to work, in fact, my first "real" job was in Boston. A job I loved, and endured that commute day after day for three years, probably a job I never would have left, had I been able to handle that commute. The winter months were the worst, leave at 7:00, get home after 7:00. Not only was I in Boston, a supper fun place to be, but I was in the Jewelers building, is there anything better than that? I don't think so.

That long commute everyday, brought me to a great company that was much closer to home, and I mean MUCH closer. Less than a mile. I loved that job too, but the company ended up getting taken over by a bunch of "Schmucks" and we lost our jobs.

So much for working close to home, the new company that was opened by the "Non-Schmucks" from the other company, was in Salem. Another nice long commute, but that was OK because these were great people to work for. I was willing to make the sacrifice. We stayed in Salem for about 3 years, and the company moved to another building in..............................MERRIMACK! UGH..................could we get further away from the Seacoast. Again, good company to work for, I'll make the sacrifice. That lasted for another 3 years, and the company was purchased by a bigger group of "Schmucks", these guys were real bottom feeders. Come May of 2008, I was laid off, Oh well. It was a blessing in disguise I think.

Naturally, my goal with my job search was to find a job closer to home, I scoured the Seacoast, submitted my resume to any and every company within a 5-10 mile radius. The job market was tough, so I wasn't getting a ton of call backs. I had heard from a friend that Craigslist was a great way to find a job, so I began my Craigslist search. I submitted my resume to quite a few companies, but one really stood out from the others. This was early-mid June, I was enjoying my time off, beaching it EVERYDAY since Memorial Day, I think I may have had the best "before summer tan" ever. I was loving every minute of it. Anyway, back to reality. I submitted my resume to a company looking for "Inside Sales and Customer Service", right up my alley, just what I was looking for. I sent it, and grabbed my beach bag, I was off. When I got to my car, I had realized that I had forgotten my sunglasses, so I ran back inside, and low and behold, my phone was ringing, and it was a Hampton number. So I answered it, and it was a call in response to my resume that I had submitted. We spoke for quite some time and it was an instant match, I felt great about things right away. I still think to this day, I forgot my sunglasses for a reason that morning.

I am a firm believer in the term, "things happen for a reason", after two interviews, I was hired on with my current company, that is a wonderful, 10 minutes from home. I work with a small group of people, very laid back, and I love it. Funny thing, today we woke up to one of the worst ice storms in years, normally had I been commuting to Boston, Salem or Merrimack, chances are, I would be home in bed, there is no way I would have driven to work this morning. But not today, today I woke up and came into work. I think there must be a reason for that, is it because I am so close? Is it because I actually enjoy my job and the people I work with? Is it because even though the ENTIRE town of Hampton is without electricity, we have a freaking generator so we can still work? Our entire Industrial Park is closed, but not us, we are open. While everyone on the Seacoast is psyched to have the day off due to weather, we are working. But I know one thing, while everyone else is home, without electricity or heat, I am in my office, blogging, with an electric heater toasting up my feet!

Seriously, does it get any better than this??

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