Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For Crying Out Loud

I have failed.........please see my previous post, "It's that time of year again", regarding my Christmas Cards. So as you all know, it is officially December 9th, I never came up with an idea for my cards, and have come to the conclusion that my cards are a failure this year! There are reasons for this:

1. The picture taking event that happens towards the end of November each year, is a traumatic experience for all involved, Musky, Phil, Steve and Myself. It is never easy, and if you were a fly on our wall the evening that this all takes place, you might consider having us committed. There is lots of coercing with treats and dangling of strings to make them look somewhat interested.

2. With that being said, I am not sure that any of us can endure that type of torture, given the move that we have all been through recently. Musky still does not recognize any of us as his family, the same family he has had for his 11 years of life, therefore, I do not feel as though it would be in my best interest to stuff him into any type of costume this year. I can not put myself in that much danger so close to the Holidays.

3. If in fact I was able to get the pictures taken, and submitted to the site to be printed, I highly doubt I would get them back in time for Christmas delivery.

4. After weeks of scouring the internet, on every pet costume site out there, I seriously could not figure out what to do with them. Nothing was jumping out at me, and it's not worth the effort for something I am not into.

So.....there you have it. I am a Christmas Card failure!

Merry Christmas to All, bah-humbug!


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